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We talk about a blend, that comes from old vineyards situated in two different districts, Feudo di Mezzo and Taccione, characterized by a low yield.
The grapes are harvested manually during the third week of October and put in some chests to be transported undamaged to the winery, where are destemmed and pressed.
Maceration goes in the skins for eight days. After it, the wine is put in tonneau, here happens the malolactic. The wine ages in used tonneaux for almost fourteen months and, after it, for other twelve months in the bottle, for the affination.
The name ‘I’ Surchitti’ came from the small terraces characteristic of the territory of Etna, which have vines planted at albarello and piede franco.

Production area: Etna (Passopisciaro and Randazzo)
Soil: volcanic and sandy
District: Feudo di Mezzo and Taccione
Grapes: Nerello Mascalese
Growing: tree
Age of the vineyard: >100 years
Pruning: manual and traditional
Harvest period: third week of October
Fermentation: spontaneous with indigenous yeasts
Maceration: on the skins for 8 days
Affination: in tonneaux of 500l
Another period of affination: in the bottles for twelve months