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Sciaranuova is our extra virgin olive oil. The name came from the contrada where the centuries-old olive trees are, a district at 800 meters of altitude.
It can be considered as a ‘volcanic’ oil because it has characteristics that came from the territory and the altitude, which variety is the Randazzese.
The olives are harvested manually, generally during the first weeks of November. Lately, these are pressed at the oil mill “Le Valli dell’Etna”, which takes care also of packaging.

Production area: Etna (Randazzo)
Soil: vulcanic and rocky
District: Sciaranuova
Age: centuries mixed with younger trees, the newest ones were planted around twenty years ago
Harvest period: november
Variety: predominance of Randazzese
Production method: cold-pressed
Bottle size: bottle in glass of 500 ml